Advice, Guidance, and Resources

If you are finding navigating the data protection landscape difficult, you are not alone. Here is how we can help:

You can contact us for advice in the following ways: 

  • Drop-in sessions (general enquiries)
    If you are representing an organisation of any size, and you have a general enquiry you can come along to our drop-in sessions. Find out what to expect, and view a timetable of this year’s drop-in sessions here.
  • Casework and Study Visits (specific enquiries)
    For specific queries relating to ongoing cases please request an appointment with the ODPA staff member assigned to your case.
    To explore a specific topic or issue in detail please contact us to request a ‘study visit’. We will then send you some brief screening questions.
  • Members of the public (by appointment only)
    If you have concerns about how your personal data, or other people’s, is being used you can talk to us in confidence either over the phone (you do not need to give your name), or in person. If you would like to meet with us, please request an appointment so that we can make sure we have the relevant staff member available to assist you. You can request an appointment by:
    – Emailing us (
    – Calling us on 01481 742074
    – Dropping in to our office between 08:30-17:00 (Mon-Fri)
    – If you are looking for information on how to exercise your rights please follow our quick guide in the first instance.

We have produced the documents below to give additional guidance on specific areas: 

Below are some specific templates/questionnaires/checklists that may be useful:

If you run a start-up/micro/small business you may find the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) SME data protection web hub helpful – this ICO resource is useful as the UK’s data protection legislation is very similar to the Bailiwick’s.

Below are some specific resources that you may wish to print off and display, or use in internal staff-awareness sessions, or share on social media: 


Our podcasts give you another way of accessing informative, thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining insights to a broad range of topics relevant to data protection. You can access our podcasts via Apple Podcasts or via SoundCloud (links below): 

  1. Episode 1: Rachel Masterton and Tim Loveridge discuss background to data protection regulation and aspects of Guernsey’s local law compared to the EU General Data Protection
    Regulation (GDPR). (Recorded: 26 March 2019)
  2. Episode 2: Emma Martins and Tim Loveridge discuss the public consultation on the ODPA events programme. (Recorded: 11 April 2019)
  3. Episode 3: Rachel Masterton and Tim Loveridge discuss the end of transition. (Recorded: 30 April 2019)
  4. Episode 4: In this special edition Emma Martins and Kirsty Bougourd discuss how the atrocities committed during the Second World War led to the development of data protection laws. (Recorded: 8 May 2019)
  5. Episode 5: Emma Martins explains to Kirsty Bougourd how data protection breaches can cause harm to individuals. They discuss the different types of harm that people can suffer as the result of a breach and the role of the Office of the Data Protection Authority. (Recorded: 29 May 2019)
  6. Episode 6: Rachel Masterton and Kirsty Bougourd explore the differences between controllers and processors. (Recorded: 20 June 2019)
  7. Episode 7: Rachel Masterton and Kirsty Bougourd consider the seven data protection principles. (Recorded: 2 October 2019)
  8. Episode 8: Rachel Masterton and Tim Loveridge discuss the accountability principle, with the help of Data Protection Authority board member Chris Docksey (Recorded: 18 November 2019)
  9. Episode 9: Emma Martins and Kirsty Bougourd discuss the need for a cultural shift, that goes beyond laws, in how we all think about data (Recorded: January 2020)
  10. Episode 10: Tim Loveridge and Rachel Masterton explore the benefits and risks of your digital footprint, the data you leave behind you online. (Recorded: February 2020)  
  11. Episode 11: The ODPA’s Tim Loveridge and Kirsty Bougourd speak to Carl Ceillam about cyber security and smart devices (Recorded: March 2020)
  12. Episode 12: Emma Martins explains to Kirsty Bougourd the changes to ODPA registration from 2021, and how it’s really just the first step in a journey towards looking after personal data well. (Recorded Nov 2020)

Join us for one of our popular events aimed at effecting positive cultural change by:

  • being accessible to local organisations and citizens of all ages
  • improving compliance by building awareness of topical issues in data protection
  • encouraging innovation and excellence in data protection practices
  • exploring official guidance with the regulated community
  • gathering feedback from local industry and individuals

If you want to stay abreast of activities, you can: 

If you have suggestions of specific areas or issues we could provide advice/guidance on, please email