GPEN 2019

During the week of 23 September 2019 we will be taking part in the seventh Global Privacy Enforcement Network‘s annual ‘privacy sweep’. This is the first time our jurisdiction has contributed to this international intelligence-gathering exercise, organised by GPEN (a network of privacy enforcement authorities).

GPEN have performed six sweeps in recent years, where participating enforcement authorities (such as us) check in with their local regulated community to:
• build awareness of privacy rights
• identify opportunities for targeted education
• encourage compliance
• facilitate international collaboration of privacy enforcement authorities

You can read more about previous sweeps here.

The theme for this year’s sweep is ‘how data breach notifications are handled’. Find out more about the 2019 Sweep here. 


If you have been selected to take part in the 2019 sweep you will have received an email from us by 20 September 2019 with the subject line: ‘GPEN Privacy Sweep 2019: please respond by 4 Oct 2019’.

  1. If you have received this email please download the GPEN Privacy Sweep questionnaire here.
  2. You may wish to read our Guidance on Breach Reporting before beginning your response.
  3. Please complete the questionnaire electronically, saving the document with the following file name: ‘GPEN Sweep 2019.[insert your organisation name / ODPA registration number]’
  4. Please save any supporting documents with the following file names: ‘GPEN Sweep 2019 [insert question number document relates to]. [insert your organisation name / ODPA registration number]’
  5. Please email your completed questionnaire and any supporting documents by Fri 4 October 2019 to


We will review your response individually; nobody outside the ODPA will have sight of your specific responses. We will then collate your response with other local organisations and report only these aggregated responses to GPEN.

We encourage you to be a part of the sweep, as the more responses received the more insight can be gained – for the benefit of everyone. GPEN will collate responses from each participating jurisdiction, and will publish their results in due course.


Please contact our GPEN Sweep coordinators with any queries:
Edward Chapman or Lawrence West
01481 742074