ODPA reflects two years on from game-changing law


‘A Child in Data’

On 25 May 2018 the data protection landscape shifted.

To mark the two year anniversary of the day the EU’s GDPR and the Bailiwick’s local data protection law came into force we have put together a selection of content (presented below) that explores the breadth and complexity of our relationship with personal data, and its protection. We hope you find something of interest, something to be inspired by, or something to share with others.

Data protection is far from the dry subject many believe it to be, and we hope the diversity and scope of this content helps demonstrate this, encouraging an engagement with the subject that goes beyond sections of a law that we recognise can often seem impenetrable.

We must all keep in mind, that data protection – at its heart – is simple. It’s about treating people with dignity. And from that simple principle, endless complexities emerge.

It feels like the world we inhabit today bears little resemblance to the world GDPR was born into in 2018. But as we look to emerge out of a global pandemic, where personal data is being used to protect public health, we would do well to keep in mind the relevance of Recital 4 of the GDPR that our use of personal data “should be designed to serve mankind”.